Weezine Spring '97


hey everybody. School ain’t so bad. I switched to an English major . . . don’t ask me why. I’ve been to a lot of cool shows since I got back: blur, pavement, sebadoh, cibo matto, papas fritas, the apples, the lilies, bis, and the cardigans . . . I’m jealous. I want to be on stage. Soon, Rivers, soon.

The summer tour is going to be incredibly fun. You should all come see us play because I’m gonna be going nuts but if you don’t want to pay for a ticket to see No Doubt, I’ll understand (although I think they’re quite good.) You should come to the venue anyway and we can just chill in the parking lot.

Hey, I want to thank all of you who have supported and defended Weezer in the media. We’ve really had a hard time recently between the magazines that say terrible things about us and the radio stations that don’t play Weezer as much as they ought to. Sometimes I get so bummed out at all the criticism but I feel a million times better when I see you sticking up for us—for example, Jen Hagen who ripped Alternative Press an alternative asshole in their April issue. Thanks, guys. Also, don’t believe anything you read about us (although its probably all true): journalists have an amazing knack for twisting a story around till its scandalous enough to sell copy. And sometimes the things we say don’t come out how we mean them to. Sorry.

See you soon,

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