Warmoth Stratocaster

Aka “the Strat with the Lightning Strap.” “Mei” and "Satsuki," named after characters from My Neighbor Totoro. Mei is Seafoam Green, Satsuki is Sonic Blue. I mainly use Mei live, while Satsuki is a backup. Both guitars have stickers on them given to me by fans.
They are custom from Warmoth. My setup is slightly different from standard Stratocasters, with a black hardtail bridge, only one tone and volume knob, and no middle pickup.
Seymour Duncan Trembucker 59 in the Bridge, and a DiMarzio Super Distortion 2 in the Neck, both pickups are humbuckers.
A Sonic Blue Warmoth Strat was my main guitar from 1994 to 1997, built shortly after the Blue Album was completed.

In 1997, the original Sonic Blue got a huge crack in it, and replacement bodies were ordered.
One came in black, which is featured on the cover of the Green Album.
Some years later, some more replacement bodies arrived in blonde.

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