Sea Opera

In late 2010, I recorded demos with Shawn Everett. For 2 songs I quickly brainstormed concepts to help me flesh out lyrics.

One concept featured a fictional band called "The Roaches". At 1:48 in the teaser video you can hear narration about the "old rock band The Roaches". They would have been stand-ins for Weezer themselves. A similar idea would eventually be used for the fictional band The Astronauts from Everything Will Be Alright in the End. Rock And Roll Cockroach (repurposed into Beginning Of The End)

The other one - Ballad of the Briny (repurposed for "Blue Dream" on Van Weezer): A sailor called Mortimer Collins falls in love with a woman at a brothel he visited. He brings her aboard the Resolution ship, but he catches Captain Buttress having sex with her. Mortimer stays the remainder of the night on the deck of the ship, then at sunrise jumps overboard. Drowning to death as he happily hallucinates amongst sea creatures.

There is no "Sea Opera". Rather, these songs were recorded for inclusion on a 5 song EP that was never released. The tracklist for the unreleased EP is as follows:

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