Rick Rubin

Was our producer on Make Believe. It was on his advice that I started meditating again. I noted his suggestion in my essay, “ What I've Been Up To Since I Left School,” when applying for readmission to Harvard:

“During this latest swing towards spirituality, however, I started a practice at Rick Rubin's suggestion which may help me achieve some balance: meditation. I was averse to the idea, initially. My goal in trying all the crazy experiments in my life has always been to improve, maintain, or recover my connection to music. Meditation, it seemed to me, would rob me of the angst that I believed was an essential precondition to that connection. With little to lose, however, I took the chance. I experienced immediate benefits."

I also appeared briefly in Rick’s docu-series, Shangri-La (episode 4: Belief), where we talked about meditation and how Rick found his Shangri-La compound.

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