Polly Vogel

My maternal grandmother.

Born on April 29, 1920 she grew up on a farm in rural Alabama, the youngest of seven brothers and sisters. The joke of the family was that little Polly’s feet never touched the ground because someone was always holding her.

Her deep love of the church, appreciation for beauty, and family guided her path through life. Some of her last words were “family sticking together” and “God has been good to me. I love everybody.”

She always said “I was blessed with two wonderful husbands” – her first husband, Rev. Fred Shoenberger, was a minister. She had the opportunity to be a “preacher’s wife” and together they were active in the civil rights movement. After Fred died at the age of 46, she married John Vogel. Together, they traveled the world and “did everything they wanted to,” eventually settling in Peachtree City, Ga.

On Thursday, three days before she died, she called out “Good night, dear father. . . . Good night, John. . . . . I’ll see you on Sunday.” She passed on Sunday January 1, 2017. . . thankful each step of the way.
Polly Vogel

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