Let's Write A Sawng

Back in March of 2008, with the Democratic and collaborative efforts of the Red album in mind, I turn that concept toward the fans. Similar to my thinking and approach with the Hootenanny's of 2008, “they can all play instruments/Weezer songs and write songs too.”

It came to be on March 19, 2008 after I posted a link to Step 1 and 2 on YouTube and MySpace. The concept morphed and changed over the next 8 months across many videos and 16 steps. Ultimately the final version of the song, titled “Turning Up the Radio,” didn’t make Raditude after sending it to the wolves. However it did find a place on Weezer’s Death to False Metal in 2010. In all the song featured co-writes with 16 fans. A. Rob Carballo, Paul Dutton, Nishant Thakur, Daniel James Kelsch, Justin Vail, Taylor Morden, Reshad Malik, Daniel Powell, Sam Mitchell, Lauren Sonder, Mike Danger, Kingsley Vanata, Joshua Godinez, Patrick Gannon, Ryan Wiesbrock, and Cameron L. Maris. Production was done heavily with Taylor Morden laying most of the ground work.

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