Since the late 90s I've worn vintage frames. Mostly from the '60s I think. There was a place in Venice called For Your Eyes. Rebecca and Eric found a warehouse full of vintage glasses that had just been sitting there for decades. They were my go-to. Ray-Bans were/are a backup pair.

Nowadays I wear a Japanese brand called Eyevan. Model: Sullivan, eye size: 50. They're bigger, thicker and blacker than my previous frames.

Problem 1 distance clarity does not feel comfortable when I'm moving around through space. I think I need a lighter prescription for distance than clarity of reading would give me.

Problem 2 a reading prescription doesn't work for reading lyrics on stage because the distance is more like eight feet rather than two.

So I need 4 different types of glasses.
​• Daily Wear progressives going from 'reading' to a 'light distance' prescription (color pure black).
• Stage glasses: progressives that go from an 6ft 'intermediate' to a 'light distance' prescription (color: tortoise).
• Driving or golf glasses: would be only for distance (color: something sporty).
• Reading glasses: purely for reading or looking at the computer (color: something studious).

I wear Croakies with my glasses when performing to keep them in place so I can play without losing or having to constantly readjust my glasses.

When I’m on the road, I use blue light blocking shades to combat jet lag. This is for jet lag. I talked about these in a 2017 interview with Vulture Magazine.
“It blocks blue light. So, right now, my brain thinks I’m in Hawaii, which counteracts the fact that I just came from London, which will help me adjust to L.A. more quickly, which is where I’m going tomorrow. There’s an app called Entrain. You put in where you are, where you’re going, and what time you want to wake up, and it tells you when you should put on your orange glasses, and when you should shine this insane blue light in your face. Some girl at the University of Michigan made it. I use it religiously.”

Here are some examples of my different eyewear:
Rivers Eyewear

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