Everybody Needs Salvation

"Everybody Needs Salvation" is a single released by Weezer directly and exclusively to the members of the Weezer Fan Club. The song was only released on 7" one-sided red vinyl, with a digital MP3 download of the track for members of the fan club. The 7" features no B-side, meaning this side of the single is smooth. The song was recorded in February 2015, several months after the sessions for their most recent album Everything Will Be Alright in the End, but a version of the song was written prior to and considered for the album at one point. A portion of the bridge lyrics appear in the album liner notes after the lyrics for The British Are Coming.

At a Nerd Night in 2015, Rivers told a fan that the song was picked for the fan club single because it was "something different." Rivers also said that he personally chose the cover.

The cover is a painting by Antonello da Messina called Ecce Homo, painted in 1475. The symbol on the shoulder of Christ is the Om in Devanagari.

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