Ecce Homo

The title of my first full draft of EWBAITE, before I played anything for anyone. From the Nietzsche book title. My approach to creative work at the time was influence by Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way) and Stephen Pressfield. I released 143 demos from this era on November 20, 2020.

Tracklist (according to Weezerpedia):
1. Narcissus Blooming
2. Rules Of Life
3. Gravity Will Bring You Down
4. Sing My Blues Away
5. The British Are Coming
6. Semper Fi
7. Ain't Got Nobody
8. I Won't Flake On You
9. Ivory Telephone
10. Cleopatra
11. The Wasteland
12. Bless The Whole Wide World
13. Everybody Needs Salvation
14. Anonymous
15. Resurgam Fidei (later released as "Return to Ithaka")

Once a sprawling 6 minute epic, and has a completely cut intro section.
One version's lyrics was:
I don't want to call you Jesus
I don't want to call you Buddha
I don't want to call you Muhammad
I don't even know your name
No I don't know the words to say
So I'll call you Anonymous

Ivory Telephone
Reworked 1998 demo

The British Are Coming
Different versions of this song exists, with different lyrics. One of them has lyrics that deal with personal problems and references Boba Fett.
Alternate lyric:
Roman soldiers trying to run the show


Gravity Will Bring You Down
Gravity is in 3/4 time signature. Contains downward choral section of falsetto harmonies in the bridge before the solo.
Has lyrics about Hindenburg falling to the ground. Some lyrics suggest that the imagery was being chained in a dungeon.
Chorus lyrics
Not every man is a superman
Not every girl is a supergirl
So cut your coupons while you still can
Cause gravity will bring you down
Verse lyrics
Mice munchin on your tasty bum

• The first five tracks relate to the eventual theme of Patriarchia on EWBAITE (relationships to father or authority figures).
• The next five tracks belong to the Belladonna theme (relationships to women).
• The last five tracks belong to PANOPTICON theme.
• Did not contain any co-writes.
• Was pretty dark.
• Had final cover art (Everybody Needs Salvation cover) and fold-out star map and a picture of the Tower of Babel.

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