Demo Database

A mega database of all the demos included in the market bundles. I wrote a script that automatically updates the database when songs are added to or removed from bundles.

Riverchatters are helping me complete the database by linking files & tracks with song information/album information to make them more easily identifiable to future bundle buyers & gift recipients.

The spreadsheet is located here and all help is welcome. If you’ve got encyclopedic Weezer knowledge that you’ve been dying to show off, this is your moment.

Style Notes

  1. Each title has to be unique. The usual rules for filenames apply, like you can't use a slash or a ?. I'm not sure you can use parentheses either. My preferred date format is YYYY-MM-DD. I don't think we want to overwrite a working title ('ROCK AND ROLL COCKROACH') with the final title ('Only A Cockroach').
  2. A song’s C.O.R. (Catalog O’ Riffs) number, if applicable, should be noted in the “fan comments” column.
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