Dear Mom and Dad

(the letter below was written by my mom to her mother and step-father. she was in Eastford, while Steve worked on Sumner Warren’s Dairy Farm – had to be before kindergarten let out for the summer. I’m guessing it was in early spring. I don’t remember any snow on the ground walking back from the play, and it seems it was fresh air of early spring. We had to have lived in the apt long enough for me to be painting it. We got married Jan. 31st, he worked in the chocolate factory awhile, and then we moved to the dairy farm. I’m guessing it might have been before Steve got Mono? so maybe the 23’rd date is in April? )

"Dear Mom and Dad,

I figure if I call my father-in-law Dad, and I’ve never even seen him, then surely I can call you Dad!

This has been such a wonderful happy week. So many kindnesses have been shown to me. It all started with me getting depressed from the housework last week – And Steve was so sweet and helped me so much – he just stuck by me emotionally and he cleaned and cleaned while I painted. I think I will get it done by the 23’rd.
.... Then I went to Rivers kindergarten play (so CUTE! He kept a total stone face during the whole thing and seemed a foot shorter than everyone else) and met 4 women who had me in for tea and cookies on the way home. They were so nice and accepting – I had a really good time and it was really good to get out of the house a little and be with other young mothers. Oh my. Let’s see. Any other news . . .Oh yeah – we bought the 1970 falcon SW and I’m out on the road! I t drives great, I love it a lot, and feel quite spiffy driving it.

I wore my blue pants suit (embroidered one) and that’s how I met the ladies today."

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