I drink 2 cups a day from January to August. Then I wean off for the rest of the year. Caffeine free by January 1.

At home, I use a scale to measure grams of brewed coffee. While travelling, I use a milligram scale to weigh quantity of Starbucks Via powder.

And a google sheet to calculate each day's allowance. I actually have to start weaning in July in order to come off by January.

Rivers 17.3% body fat.

Alex How many grams is in an entire pot of coffee cuz that's what I'm about to drink.

Yukia @Rivers Have a nice coffee.

Lianna @Rivers are you reaching your goals on time ?

Rivers @Lianna My goal is to stay under 18%.

Any morning on which I go over 18%, I don't get half-and-half in my coffee.

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