Coach Cuomo

An irreverent, fictional take on me from Riverchatters. They like to make up stories about me being a depraved high school gym teacher and coach. Think Bad Santa meets Coach Carter with a splash of Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico.

This running gag happened after chatters saw my long hair, headband, clipboard, and mustache during a Tiktok live. Some other alleged attributes of my alter ego include a whistle, extra short gym shorts, knee high tube socks, and a penchant for stretching. Groovy. As chatter Evangeline coined, "Squad's out, quads out."

The chatters claim I like to make them run laps and always talk about how I could've gone pro, instead of playing at Bennigan's on the weekends. Reportedly fired from last school due to inappropriate conduct. Can be found during my breaks smoking and/or drinking in the school parking lot outside my van with a "Van Weezer" spray painted design on the side.

Here's some examples of what my alter ego looks like:

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