2007-01-15 Coaching Call Preparation Form

Coaching Call Preparation Form

Call Date: 2007-01-15 Next Call: 2007-01-22

What I have accomplished since our last call: • Decided to move forward with the Greatest hits.
• Met with Dan (manager) and filled him in on my thoughts, goals (however vague). Started the dialogue.
• Started reaching out in all directions according to my networking goals

What I wanted to get done, but didn’t: • Didn’t manage to make a decision about Karl (Weezer employee) • Didn’t get much clearer on the summer’s activities (or the rest of the next 3 years, for that matter.) • Didn’t establish much clarity on Dan’s role.

The challenges/problems I’m facing now: • Karl, Sarah, Dan • It seems like everyone is waiting for me to figure out what I want so that they will know what their roles are, if any. • What do I want to do this Summer • Am I creating a large masterwork or am I going to diffuse my efforts into many small projects? Which will more powerfully make my goal statement? Do I want to be a company man or a free agent? • In developing my network again and becoming more active in setting and moving toward my goals I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by calls, emails. • Wondering to what extent I should start delegating more.

The opportunities which are available to me right now: • I have the opportunity to become a leader and untangle all of these knots. •

I want to use my coach during the call to: • Help me clarify my goals, make decisions. •

What I am committed to do by the next call: •

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