1992 Dear Steve


Dear Steve,

How goes your Hawaiien hiatus? Warm and slow, I hope. CT is a nice cool break from the band + school back in L.A. (both of which – through incessant hard work – are doing well.) Next semester I finish my J.C. career with PoliSci, Geography, Spanish 4(!), and some music classes including Piano 4 and chorus w- Justin. Then its off to Berkeley or UCLA or a multi-million dollar record deal. Whichever comes first.

Thanks for your support, love, and the big push (out of miserable stagnation and into school.) Everything’s great here! Merry Christmas!

A pine drops a cone miles below Later, he may Drop some more, Who knows? The sapling looks up Sees only shadow Looks again low; Goes cross-eyed wondering Which way to grow. Then, a miracle: an arborist appears With the twelve gifts of Christmas red ribboned shears and old St. Nick; he prunes and feeds for thirteen whole years. What was once a stunted cone now far outgrows the sire of his fears. Truth to tell, his straight shape owes more to The sure shears of care than any genetic clue. And so this tree returns this seed to the earth in thanks, on Christmas Day, and hopes its birth will bring forth a flower of well-earned mirth and serve humbly as a living ornament for your hearth.

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