1972-04-04 Steve to Mom & Hank

Steve wrote: "The weather here is moving very slowly in the direction of spring, but the change is hard to realize with most of us here down with colds. Still we continue, and Frank and I hope to turn the soil for a garden this week. We plan on vegetables like beans, carrots, parsley, collards, squash, also sunflowers (for the seeds), some herbs like basil, chives, thyme, spearmint. inside beverly has already planted pansies and choleus, she also has seeds for morning glories along the backyard fence. this past week we’ve been working on some furniture – refinishing a rocking chair and kitchen chair, and building a table for the living room. also some shelves and cabinets to make yet, and stain (French Walnut). the spring break for the Center is over, and the group is reforming again. there are 20 members now (grown from the 3 when I arrived) and the Center has designated us the Rochester Affiliate Group. We have a new title but no word yet on being accepted as members. We are becoming stronger though and patient in this all. our group had a pot-luck dinner last week for the residents and staff members at the Center who allowed us to sit during the break. frank made a soup, I made a bread, bev threw in a fine spread and some sprouts…there was a lot of food! more than enough for forty people."

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