1972-03-07 Steve to Mom & Hank

Things are going smoothly in the new home with beverly and her two sons – Rivers 1 ½ yrs. Leaves 6 mos. They are quite a pair. Rivers especially is using a few words now – all Steves are Dudy, Daves are Aya. Dave is living here too since he joined the sitting group in January. At present it is a joy to live her, we have sittings in the morning, Dave is working now so I’m helping out around the house with beverly – doing daily chores like cleaning, laundry, repairs, bread-making, dishes, watching the kids. Bev does all the cooking. What a nice change! Frank (bev’s husband) has just gone to the East Coast for a week. When he gets back there may be talk about fixing up rooms in the attic where I am sleeping, and starting a garden out back. Economically it’s good (65 a month – room & board) peacefully it’s fine – we all live the same way.

The Center is letting us come to sit mornings and evenings in March. That’s when there is a sort of spring recess – some members may go off to the mountains or desert during this break I’m told. But the outlook for membership grows brighter. All Center memberships are up for review and any openings that appear are passed on to our group with first priority.

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