I've never had so much attention at the gas station: a guy was helping me at the pump and then a different guy took out & hung up my hose! I think it was my green yoga pants...! Regardless, I definitely had a smile on my face.
I'm this close to convincing my dad to take me to Kansas this summer.
I finally committed to a college after many grueling months of the college admissions process. See you soon NYC
I LOVE THE NEW WEEZER SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO GOOD.
At long last, I pre-ordered Van Weezer. (Actually I thought I had long ago, but...nope.) Now I'm set. Yay Life is Good.
The memorial for my father in law finally happened today, after a couple weeks of high stress planning and organizing. The day started out with some difficulties dealing with last minute tech issues though, and I had a totally panicky shut down episode where I had to step outside. I let myself listen to I Need Some of That on repeat for a few passes, it centered and calmed me in that moment, and allowed me to continue on. Rivers, never doubt that your music is helping someone somewhere. The music we enjoy really has such positive effects on our psyche and mentality. In the last few months of my FIL's life, he wasn't in the greatest state; but one of the few ways I could bring him some moments of peace and joy was playing him the music he loved (he moonlit as a jazz singer, and we shared a love of doo-wop.) Anyways. The day went well, and brought some sense of official closure. Thank you for playing some part in keeping me from completely shattering today.
A Bay Area mom texted me that they're. Coming down next month and asked if we could join them at Disneyland. My older son and I love roller coasters, so Happiest Place on Earth might be a true hyperbole that weekend!
I got my second shot this afternoon. Outstanding.
covid-19 vaccination completed 💉💉
Gave "I Need Some of That" a listen and really enjoyed it! I'm getting more and more excited for Van Weezer by the day.
My sealed Cardi B signed copy of the WAP CD single just got shipped out. And it was a great deal.
I Need Some of That came out and it’s mind blowing and amazing and fgghhin epic. So many feels I don’t really know how to explain. I adore the sound because it’s so happy and celebratory (and will be so fun cruising in the car with the windows down!) but it’s also sad and triggering for me, which I embrace. Although it’s personal it’s also very relatable in that I’m sure we all wish we could go back, but you can’t go home again. There is a line in my favorite Twilight Zone episode called Walking Distance about a guy who goes back in time and sees himself as a child and wants to stay there. He finds his father who says, “I guess we all want that. Maybe when you go back, you’ll find that there are merry-go-rounds and band concerts where you are. Maybe you haven’t been looking in the right place. You’ve been looking behind you. Try looking ahead.” I try to remember that when I feel like my best days are over. Just an all around emotional song in so many ways. You never disappoint me Rivers. I love it! ❤️
I think I just found my new favorite band! They're called Royal Blood. Today's been a good day. I redid all of quizzes and got almost perfect scores and I get my ACT scores this week!
It's a holiday, the weather is chilly, I finally have some free time. Reading a book and waiting for the new song to drop. Just perfect!
Keep On Loving You came on the radio and I did the most embarrassing air guitar, dramatic rockstar posing, guitar solo singing along to the song. I enjoyed every second of it though.
Justice for all!
Van weezer track list just officially released!!!!
I bought a succulent, I hope it's happy in its new home.
Two of my childhood friends got engaged, no one even knew they were dating. They had a long distance relationship and kept it discreet. I am so excited for them and my heart is filled with so much joy.
My credit score increased 105 points!