feeling Tadd Beardley
I had to write a poem for health today....
Felt a little more inspired to write today. It's been a moment.
Feeling good about my writing today.
I found tickets from when my Dad and I went down to the carnival almost 5 years ago. I think it's a good omen.
I got the motivation to clean, cook, take care of myself, and work out today
Unintentionally ended up roller skating with my daughter. Ended up having a great time teaching her, lots of mini life lessons for me. Also, watched with awe and admiration an octogenarian who was giving roller skating dance lessons in the center of the rink.
My lady finally got a day off and we spent the day enjoying each other’s company.
°~☆ a more chill day has never been. art, daydreaming, crispy fresh music, ancient golden nuggets of sound, tea & honey were the building building blocks of today, the foundation sturday with kindness & inner peace. thrilling to see what entrancing adventure lies ahead beyond the gates of dreamlandia ☆~°
My parents got their vaccine appointments. I'm so happy.
About to finish a university project and then go out to enjoy the snow.
Went back to long meditation sessions for the first time since March 2020, I'm starting to feel like myself again and so much angst and anxiety dissipated already. It's amazing.
Finished finals, finally.
got a bunch of stuff done today. the strawberry lashes valentines day collection is cute af if I do say so myself.
After yesterday being one a bad day, I got back up and made up with my mom. And now I'm planning to turn and old closet into a studio, after I learn to play the guitar. Things are turning good!
I ate at a restaurant and went shopping at a mall for the first time since last March.
Finally got my programs working on my new computer. I can run the server locally again--and start making improvements.
I can't believe I didn't post it in the shrine how much I love All My Favorite Songs. I feel like it's one of the most expressive and complexly honest songs with the prettiest melody you've written Rivers. Bright shiny star.
I went to bed proud of the work I'd done and what I had accomplished. (It was early this morning, technically today.) My mother was a shopper, it used to bug me how much stuff she bought for me. Now that she's gone it's a comfort to have the notebooks, stationery, and pencils she picked out for me, especially my new notebook that says, "AMAZING THINGS CAN HAPPEN" on the front. I am going to prove her right.
I'm in a really good mood today. I did a morning meditation and felt so calm and at peace that i found beauty in washing the dishes and cleaning. now I'm getting to work on business things.