"Got a negative back on my own covid test a day ago; and so was able to take my mom to get her first dose of the covid vaccine today! The rain even held off for a day which worked out perfectly as it was an outdoor site. Then we got dim sum afterwards. You know it's a good day when you get dim sum. Oh! And I saw a brand new (to me) bird species, a night heron, as the vaccination site was at a park with a lake full of ducks, coots, geese, and swans!"


"~☆listening to the demos is giving me the feels of being a tiny cog in a beautifully gorgeous sounding music machine☆~"


"One of my students placed sight word cards in to several sentences and read them. He was so proud and asked for a photo to be sent to his mum who is a teacher at our school."


"Since I haven't been on the Rivers Cuomo website in a while, the amazing thing that happened today was that I realized that Rivers expanded his website. Love ya, Rivers."


"Grateful to my daughters for making their mum smile on this Motherng Sunday and to be able to chat with my mum."


"My grandma bought me a laptop. Which is super amazing because now I can make music n stuff with my friends. Love y’all bye."


"Got #21 outta 100 outta the signed and numbered by Brian Relationship records."


"Grass is growing again; fresh-cut smell is incoming. Makes me happy just to think of it."


"I'm in love with an idea, and it begins with an "R"."


"Justice for all!"


"Gave "I Need Some of That" a listen and really enjoyed it! I'm getting more and more excited for Van Weezer by the day."


"Proud of both boys progressing today. The older one now takes out the trash, and the younger one puts in a new trash liner (first real chore). Love that they're truly earning their allowance for chores around the house as well as for doing well in school."


"I'm so glad i didn't put expectations to Rivers' words about the album.. this is way more than i expected. The orchestra use wasn't a cliche at all. Congrats Coach this album is gonna be epic. My inner journalist tells me so."


"rewatching neon genesis evangelion <3"