15 Mar

Progress on The Pinkerton Diaries

6 Dec

The Pinkerton Diaries has finally arrived!  Many hours were spent inserting Alone III and hand-numbering each book.  If you have pre-ordered, your shipment will be going out on or before December 12.

The Pinkerton Diaries + Alone III available for preorders

10 Nov

Please follow the “Store” link above for more details.

“Earthquakey People” OUT NOW

3 Nov

Available on iTunes and Beatport


12 Oct

シカゴで住んでいる日本人助けてください。 家族は日本のDVDと漫画と本と食べ物がひつ世です。 ダウンタウンにいます。 助けられますか? 私に書いてください。

Video: Miscellaneous Soccer

30 Sep

Dance Lesson #4

28 Sep

Pics from Nerd Night II

27 Sep



23 Sep

All invitations to Nerd Night II have been sent.  The screening is in a much smaller venue this time, and we limited the invitations to people who didn’t get to attend last time.  If you didn’t get one, hope we’ll see you next time!

20 Sep

cool…a lot of responses to the Nerd Night II announcement already. I’ll probably give precedence to the people who have tickets to @theweezercruise, cuz I want to be able to meet my co-sailors before we embark. Please let me know if you’re coming on the cruise.